Happy Gut Pylopass/Be Cool Bundle


Two game changers for stomach problems in one great value Pack! Stop suffering from stomach pain. Start living.

Get our top-selling Happy Gut Bundle to save $23 and say goodbye to gut pain. This special pack combines two powerful products – Happy Gut Pylopass and Happy Gut Be Cool.

Pylopass is proven to prevent stomach ulcers by gently treating H. pylori bacteria. Be Cool balances stomach acid to support your digestion and uniquely allows for continued digestion of food in the digestive tract – unlike other antacids that stall it.

The handy Happy Gut bundle is the safe, fast, natural, clinically proven solution to tummy troubles. No side effects, no brainer.

Get gut happy today. Buy now! Free worldwide shipping!

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The value-packed Happy Gut Bundle contains:

  • 1 bottles of Happy Gut Pylopass
  • 1 bottle of Happy Gut Be Cool
  • FREE worldwide shipping!

That’s a two-month supply to get your gut health back on track – fast and with no side effects.

Pylopass is:

  • Safe: no digestive discomfort,no taste changes, no antibiotic resistance
  • Natural: helps your body gently remove the infection,and balances gut flora
  • Fast: a two-week treatment will work for up to six months
  • Easy: just one table a day

Be Cool is:

  • Gentle: neutralises stomach acid without disrupting digestion
  • Powerful: special blend of digestive enzymes helps digest heavy meals
  • Effective: no more heartburn or stomach discomfort